Crawling out of the challenges below is only the tip of the iceberg.

CFM International’s LEAP gas turbine engine mock-up during the 2018 Singapore Airshow. Image by Author.

First of all, jumping from the current internal combustion engine straight to a fully electric propulsion system does not make any sense. It requires a tremendous amount of money, time, evaluation, and lots of analyses for the preparation alone.

But that does not mean the aviation industry is not heading that way to eliminate carbon emission.

As for now, the industry is investing heavily in reducing fuel consumption by introducing new technology and aerodynamic tweaks to be as efficient as possible. Such practices consisting of new winglets, geared turbofan engine, the usage of composite material, and many more.

If it’s…


They might augment the probability of surviving apart from the training and ATC.

A photo from the ground shows the badly damaged engine on flight 328. Image by Hayden Smith via Instagram.

The news about the United Airlines flight 328 engine failure isn’t foreign for us. Miraculously, there was not a single injured soul on the ground and onboard.

It is not just about luck the plane can safely land back at the airport, it was aid both from the evolving technology and design improvement and also from the skillful set of crews as well as the ATC.

This whole incident has proven the safety design of the aircraft from a technical point of view. Unfortunately, it also shows the limitation on the industry as a whole which still needs some brush-up.


The concern for structural integrity is enormous, and its maintenance is another.

An aircraft parking at the gate preparing for the next flight. Image by Author.

Flying in general means getting from point A to point B quickly and safely. To provide a safe and reliable medium of transportation, designing a fast and pressurize flying tube full of passengers and cargo means a lot of challenges that need to tackle before it is approved as a mode of transportation.

Long-range communication, controlling and stabilizing mechanism, fire protection system, the material used ( which need to be as light as possible but strong enough ), reliable sensors and indicators, approved maintenance program, studies of the human factor and so much more need to be considered before an…


Even the components in the waste system have a backup, not to mention other crucial systems to drive up safety to the highest level.

Sunset rays behind a Boeing 737. Image by Author.

Have you ever wonder what makes an aircraft to be a reliable machine that takes you and millions of others flying over the vast ocean and land? It is directly because of the engineering and regulations behind it that had to be credited. Both the aircraft engineers and regulatory bodies work together to capture the trust of the general public in flying a commercial aircraft.

To gain and grasp the trust, engineers need to think and solved thousands of possibilities and different scenarios that might happen along the lifetime of the aircraft, be it on the ground or in-flight, landing…

How do aircraft operators know an unforeseen circumstance will jeopardize the safety of the aircraft and its passengers? The Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directives might provide the answer.

Image by Author

The aviation industry is surrounded by strict and non-compromising rules that have been set internationally. No other operators, manufacturers, or persons that freely escape this modulated and controlled system. The international regulatory body and the local aviation authority, together with the manufacturers, airlines, operators, and MROs always in contact with one-way and two-way communications for safety purposes.

Every nook and cranny of matters that arise require the need for documentation, recording it, and solving it to help reduce potential risks any further. …


The requirement imposed to reduce the risk of inflight fire and discourage burning interior materials as the cause of death in a postcrash fire.

Gazing out through the window of an Airbus A350 at Penang International Airport. Image by Author.

The era when only the elite gets to fly was now a thing of the past. Nowadays a lot of people can take much affordable and reasonable priced airplane ticket around the world, with the longest flights— not in a particular order — would be from Singapore to New York, Doha to Auckland, San Francisco to Delhi, and much more, flying across the Atlantic, the Pacific, North Pole, and the vast Sahara desert. Ah, I miss flying so much.

Some people take flying as therapeutic as you are high up in the sky, looking down to the amazing view, away…

Nazmi Izwan

Aviation made simple and understandable for general flying public.

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